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Angelina Jolie accuses ex-husband Brad Pitt of abuse in countersuit over shared winery

Angelina Jolie particular what she described as abusive conduct by means of ex-husband Brad Pitt in a court docket submitting on Tuesday, escalating a criminal war over a French vineyard the former couple as soon as shared and revealing new small print about the dissolution of their marriage.

The submitting in a Los Angeles court docket alleges that Pitt sought to situation Jolie’s sale of her stake in the vineyard on a nondisclosure settlement that would have barred her from publicly discussing “Pitt’s bodily and emotional abuse of her and their children.”

Jolie’s submitting describes an episode all through a September 2016 non-public aircraft flight the place Pitt allegedly “grabbed Jolie with the aid of the head and shook her” earlier than “pushing her into the lavatory wall.” Pitt additionally “choked one of the kids and struck any other in the face,” the submitting alleges.

Pitt’s legal professionals did no longer straight away reply to inquiries Tuesday.

The submitting advances counterclaims in opposition to Pitt in a lawsuit he filed in opposition to Jolie and her former agency in February. Pitt alleges that Jolie’s September 2021 sale of her stake in the Chateau Miraval vineyard to an global beverage agency used to be illegal due to the fact the pair had agreed they would in no way promote their pastimes barring the other’s consent.

Jolie stated in her Tuesday submitting that no such settlement existed and that Pitt had refused to purchase her out until she consented to “an unconscionable gag order” related to his conduct.

In her filing, Jolie additionally stated the FBI probed the incident on the airplane and “concluded that the authorities had possibly purpose to cost Pitt with a federal crime.”

Pitt has no longer been charged with a crime, and an FBI spokesperson did no longer straight away reply to a request for comment.

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