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French basketball player Steeve Ho You Fat goes viral for interesting name

On Tuesday, the basketball world stopped and stared as 7’ 5” French phenom and projected number-one-overall draft choose Victor Wembanyama suitable up for his first expert basketball sport on American soil, squaring off in opposition to the G League Ignite and presumptive number-two-overall pick out Scoot Henderson simply outdoor Las Vegas. Despite the childhood and superstar electricity on show, however, it used to be a 34-year-old French journeyman who stole all the headlines. His name?

Steeve Ho You Fat.

Yep, this is a actual person’s actual name. Ho You Fat (it absolutely by no means receives ancient typing that) is a fourteen-year veteran of the LNB Pro A, the pinnacle basketball league in France. It’s nearly inconceivable, in today’s day and age, that France used to be capable to preserve this man a secret from American basketball fans—who honestly stay for this sh*t—for nearly a decade and a half, however the cat is finally, gloriously out of the bag. Pandora’s Box is opened. We can by no means go back. Why would we choose to?

So there you have it, folks. Welcome to the first day of the relaxation of your life. Don’t waste a second … except of path you’re searching for a Ho You Fat jersey on ebay.

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