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Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones landed on Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr with full body weight, hence flag

Referee Carl Cheffers stated he observed the roughing the passer rule when he penalized Chiefs protective address Chris Jones late in the first 1/2 of Kansas City's come-from-behind 30-29 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday night.

The Chiefs had simply scored to trim their deficit to 17-7 when Jones stripped the ball from Raiders quarterback Derek Carr simply earlier than halftime. Jones landed on Carr whilst additionally coming up with the ball -- replays confirmed it was once genuinely unfastened and that Jones cleanly recovered it -- however Cheffers threw a flag for roughing the passer.

Cheffers, in a pool record following the game, defined that he noticed Jones land on Carr with his full physique weight whilst the quarterback used to be in the pocket.

Cheffers stated Carr "gets full safety of all factors of what we supply the quarterback in a passing posture. So when he used to be tackled, my ruling was once the defender landed on him with full physique weight. The quarterback is blanketed from being tackled with full physique weight."

Cheffers stated the truth Jones took the ball away from Carr was once irrelevant.

"[Carr] receives passing safety till he can protect himself,'' Cheffers said. "Just as if he had thrown the ball, he nevertheless receives protection. ... That extends till he is no longer in manage of the ball.''

The Chiefs had been irate at the penalty, which came about with much less than two minutes to go in the 1/2 and used to be now not reviewed.

Chiefs teach Andy Reid stormed off the sideline to argue. And after the groups traded subject dreams in the closing minutes, leaving the Raiders beforehand 20-10, Reid cornered Cheffers once more as the groups headed to the locker room.

"I acquired it off my chest,'' Reid said. "I stated what I wanted to say.''

Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes stated he has viewed Reid angrier -- however no longer about an official's call.

Jones stated he braced himself with the arm now not preserving the ball so he would not land on Carr with his full physique weight.

"How need to I handle people?" he said. "How need to I now not roll on him? I'm making an attempt my best. I'm 325 pounds, OK? What do you prefer me to do? I'm going full pace making an attempt to get the quarterback.''

Jones referenced a roughing the passer penalty on Atlanta Falcons protecting handle Grady Jarrett the day before, for a apparently innocuous handle of Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady. The penalty gave the Buccaneers a first down and allowed them to run out the clock in a 21-15 victory, instead than giving the Falcons a hazard to pressure for the win.

"They have put such an emphasis on roughing the passer penalties that we've got bought to be in a position to overview it in the booth,'' Jones said. "That's the subsequent step. ... Sometimes appears can be deceiving. Now it is getting absurd. Now it is costing groups games.

"I virtually stripped the ball and gravity variety of took me to the ground. That's a roughing the passer name at a necessary state of affairs in the game. It's 1/3 down, and we're down 10 points. ... A lot of these roughing the passer calls would be referred to as again [after video review].''

Mahomes stated the penalty on Jones "wasn't the best name in the world'' however brought that he understood the referee's dilemma.

"You choose to defend the gamers and the whole lot like that in all factors of the game; however at the equal time, there comes a commonsense aspect the place guys are attempting to play soccer and attempting to win soccer games,'' Mahomes said. "Whenever it is blatant and they do something soiled to strive to damage someone, you favor to make positive it's called; however at the identical time, you do not desire it to have an effect on the soccer recreation and trade the outcome.''

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