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Voting for Fat Bear Week 2022 is officially open

Voting for Fat Bear Week opened Wednesday, giving followers any other long-awaited probability to root for their favourite tiny-eared floofs in this year’s bracket of contestants.

Internet customers have constructed an annual subculture round returning to the stay cams to spend a day — or extra — with the bears at Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve. As new and acquainted faces alike emerge from hibernation each summer time to feast up for the coming winter, the approaches they locate food, increase offspring and continue to exist accidents all inform special testimonies of resilience.

Voting continues thru Tuesday, and many human beings have flocked to the digital polls already, organizers said. Turnout appears probably to rival or surpass closing year’s complete of round 800,000 votes.

Fans love the bears for extra than simply their capacity to double in size: Longtime favorites — like four-time champion 480 Otis — have persistently wooed voters with their charming personalities.

“Our brown bears in Katmai National Park are notably charismatic,” stated Guy Runco, the govt director of the Katmai Conservancy. “People are capable to comply with them and their lives all through the summer time on the undergo cams, and I assume that surely approves humans to draw a connection between these bears and themselves.”

Although heaps of brown bears stay in the park, the bracket narrows voters’ alternatives to 12. Rangers strive to consist of a variety of bears, making sure a combine of grownup males, single females, girls with cubs, a juvenile “teenage” undergo and a cub. But these who shine on camera, Runco said, are naturally greater possibly to make the cut.

The bears matter closely on the salmon run at Brooks River to bulk up on fat for the winter, however as waters heat round the world, salmon populations have been dwindling in North America. Still, the bears at Katmai have been lucky, stated the founder of Fat Bear Week, Mike Fitz, the resident naturalist at

The water temperature at Brooks River has been survivable so far, Fitz said, even as salmon runs close by have collapsed in current years. Part of that is due to the results of local weather alternate on oceans, the place salmon — a cold-water species — stay a lot of their lives earlier than they head again to freshwater to reproduce.

While he’s overjoyed to watch viewers fall in love with the bears at Katmai, Fitz stated he additionally hopes followers be mindful to admire the significance of the surrounding ecosystem that permits them to thrive. Protecting the bears, he said, requires defending salmon and the average habitat, as well.

Aside from offering undergo fans with a exciting possibility to indulge in parasocial relationships with the large fluffy mammals, Fat Bear Week is additionally a social gathering of the animals’ energy and adaptability in the face of hardship.

“When we watch them at Brooks River, we can see their individuality. They’re no longer anonymously residing their lives in methods the place we wouldn’t understand tons about them,” Fitz said. “We get to see them return yr after 12 months and grow and mature. That’s a gorgeous experience, and it’s one of the matters that maintains me observing the webcams.”

So, as one Twitter person put it, "happy fats undergo week for these who have a look at this holiday."

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