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How Felicia Rosario Escaped the Sarah Lawrence Sex Cult After 10 Years of Mental and Physical Abuse

In 2010, Felicia Rosario, 40, was living in Los Angeles and working at a hospital where she was doing her residency for forensic psychiatry. A hard worker her whole life, she'd defied the odds of her working-class upbringing in the Bronx and graduated from both Harvard and Columbia Medical School, and couldn't wait to be a doctor. She would never have believed you if you'd said that six months later, she'd be trapped in a cult in New York City alongside five other young adults, where she'd end up mentally, sexually and physically tortured for the next 10 years by a sadistic madman.

Rosario's story, along with several other of the Sarah Lawrence cult victims, are now the focus of the new three-part Hulu docu-series Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence, coming out Feb. 9. The show explains how Lawrence "Larry" Ray, ended up conning the students, bilking them out of over $1 million and coercing several of them into being sex trafficked.

The twisted story began when Ray was released from prison for securities fraud, and wound up sleeping on his daughter Talia's couch. She was living in an on-campus apartment development at Sarah Lawrence, and it was supposed to be for a few days only.

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