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Genshin Impact leaks show upcoming hero Baizhu in combat


In-game footage of one of Genshin Impact's upcoming playable heroes has surfaced on Reddit. User u/rice guardian, who the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit identifies as a Reliable source, shared two brief videos in the last 24 hours showing four-star hero Baizhu swapping in and out of two separate teams during in-game combat.

Baizhu is not a brand-new character to MiHoYo's ultra-popular MMO game, as he has been around since Genshin Impact 1.0, running Bubu Pharmacy in the Sea of Clouds area in Liyue and serving as a guardian to the unfortunately zombified Qiqi, an already-playable, sword-weilding Cryo hero who was put on the roster in fall 2020.

However, the developer has already announced that Baizhu will be joining the roster of playable characters as a four-star hero in the upcoming version 3.6 update, which is currently scheduled for April 12.

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