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Photo: Terrance Bethel and Faron Newbold accused in Bahamas murder plot

Robert Shiver is a former college football player and insurance company executive in Thomasville, Georgia, whose estranged wife is accused of conspiring to kill him with a lover in the Bahamas and another man, according to Bahama Court News.

Robert Shiver, a former Auburn football player and father of three, met Lindsay Shiver in fitness class in college, and their social media pages painted a picture of a charmed life of vacations in the Bahamas and family life in Georgia in a home filled with decorations. Shiver is still alive because police say they unraveled the plot before it occurred.

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Databases and database management are fundamental components of modern information systems and play a crucial role in organizing, storing, retrieving, and managing data efficiently and securely. Let's delve into what databases are and what database management entails:

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