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Tekken 8 leak: Tekken 8 roster image potentially leaked online

Tekken fans are waiting on that next major release for the franchise. With that said, some fans already have been getting a taste of the game through a closed test. However, some of the finer details are still kept in the dark when it comes to what this game will feature, including the roster. But thanks to the internet, it looks like an image is spreading online showing off the launch roster. It’s not very detailed, and some fans are trying to pinpoint everyone featured so far in this image. However, it’s a potentially early look into the cast of fighters we’ll have at launch.

We’re finding out about this image that first came out through 4Chan from Reddit. But even the comments on Reddit are not entirely convinced this image is real. As one user on Reddit claimed, it could be a fan creation that was starting to spread online. This would not be the first time a fan-generated concept art was uploaded to tease the community as a legitimate leak. At any rate, you can follow the Reddit link to see the community investigate the image.

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