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Kathy Cargill photo: Billionaire's wife vows not to invest in 'small-minded community' after locals worried about multimillion-dollar home-buying spree

The wife of a Minnesota billionaire and member of America’s fourth-richest family is lashing out at locals worried about her scooping up homes in the neighborhood — and vows to not help the “small-minded community.”

Kathy Cargill — the spouse of billionaire James Cargill II, one of the heirs to food-industry behemoth Cargill Inc. — started raising eyebrows over the past year after splurging about $2 million on 10 homes in Park Point, a picturesque neighborhood along a 7-mile-long Lake Superior sandbar in Duluth.

She then bought at least another 10 homes for a total of 20.

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